NBA Star Patrick Beverley Offers Luxurious Encino Residence for Lease at $23,000/Month

Live like a basketball elite in Patrick Beverley’s stunning Encino home. This exclusive lease opportunity boasts unparalleled luxury and style, offering the ultimate in California living. Don’t miss your chance to experience the lavish lifestyle of an NBA standout.


The vocal NBA guard Patrick Beverley was forced to split ways with the Los Angeles Lakers amid a mid-season roster upheaval that happened at the trade deadline.

The three-time member of the NBA All-Defensive Team inked a contract with the Chicago Bulls in February. Beverley just put his lavish Encino, California apartment up for rent after making this move.


With its mouthwatering $23,000 monthly rent, this gorgeous 5,264-square-foot apartment has been drawing interest from prospective tenants.

Constructed in 2020, the house features an airy and spacious layout, enhanced by architectural features like tall vaulted ceilings, personalized tile work, and wood and marble flooring all over. The luxurious home also has a complete security system and surround sound speakers installed.

With bespoke cabinets, a pantry, sleek stainless-steel appliances, and a sizable center island with a prep sink and breakfast bar, the chef’s kitchen exudes style and minimalism. The breakfast area’s sliding glass doors open to a charming terrace.

The family room, which is next to the kitchen, has a gorgeous stone fireplace, built-in bookcases, and sliding glass walls that lead to a covered poolside area.

Three further bedrooms are on the upper level of the flat, with two bedrooms on the first floor. With its white wood beamed ceilings, tiled wall fireplace, two walk-in closets with built-in bookshelves, and a sliding glass door leading to a private balcony, the main suite is a roomy haven. For a basic morning coffee on the balcony, the suite even has a refrigerator and an espresso machine. Featuring custom tilework, dual vanities, a custom cabinet, accent lighting, and a separate soaking tub, the main bathroom is equally spectacular.

The property also has a guest cottage with a 3/4 bath by the pool, a spa, and a family cinema. When Beverley was a player with the Los Angeles Clippers in April 2021, he paid $3.78 million for the house.

Beverley, who is 34 years old, intends to leave the Bulls after the 2023 season and become freelancing. Beverley, a tough guard and strong opponent during his 11-season career in the NBA, is looking into the prospect of making an impression this summer with a new team. If he chooses to retire from the game, he might think about becoming a highly sought-after sports talk show host.

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